Saturday, April 23, 2016

Exploring Indiana

     Hi Friends!  Well, here we are in Carmel, Indiana.  Ron wanted to visit Harbor Freight to purchase some home building tools, and I wanted to see a bit of the countryside, so we headed north this morning.

I'm not sure what all these buildings are for, except for the one on the right.  I'm pretty certain that is the performing arts center.  It was really quite beautiful.

So, we enjoyed our outing . ., , and all the more so because once the building on southern cottage begins we'll be sticking much closer to home.  Next time we venture north I hope to visit Zionsville.  I've heard it's a very pretty community.  

* By the way, if you want to keep up on the cottage progress, go to my page "new building updates".  We returned from our drive to find tractors on the property.  They were just sitting there, but they were there.  So exciting!   Have a great evening, everyone.

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