Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Plein Air Canceled Due to Weather

Hi Friends! Well, we are suppose to have a thunder storm or two this afternoon and a lot of things are riding on whether or not that happens.  Excavation for one thing, and plein air painting on a farm, for another (though I just learned that's been canceled).  Sooooo . . . . while I'm waiting to see what happens, I'm going to spend some time in the art studio.  The studio is really a shed that's been adapted into a partial art/refuge abode for anyone who needs it.  I need, I need, I need . . . . (Do you remember,  "What About Bob"?) I loved that movie, one of my all time favorites.  My whole family quotes lines from the movie, all the time.  

 Inside art station.  

My grandson sitting in the art studio rocking chair that was my grandmother's rocker.  You can see the whole of the studio in the background.  Not much but it's a lovely retreat to go to when I'm feeling inspired.  

Thanks for visiting.  I'll let you know how the storms turned out.  Have a wonderful day!   

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