Friday, April 22, 2016

The Dangers of Bike Riding with Your Mother-In-Law

This is the bike in question

So . . . . I asked Meredith if she wanted to go on a bike ride with me and she said yes. We grabbed our helmets and fetched the bikes. Hers was one I used to ride and gave to Rachel but Rachel didn't have opportunity to ride it so she gave it back, and Ron brought it on the trailer to Indiana. Consequently, it had not had a tune up in a couple of years, but . . . . Ron did put air in the tires, so of course I thought it was good to go. It really wasn't. The first problem was in the gears. Meredith couldn't switch gears and it's not because she didn't know how to do it. The gear she ended up riding in was 6, which I think is the loosest. This made it not so easy to peddle when going down hill, and that meant it was twice as much work to peddle going up hill. She was a trooper though, and I was a terrible mother-in-law, peddling happily about a half mile ahead of her, wondering why she was going so slow. The next problem was the brakes. They kind of basically were not working. The back breaks didn't work at all, and the front brakes were barely working, so on the downhills Meredith was in constant danger of crashing if she had to use her breaks because there were no breaks. She is smart, though, and when she realized this was a problem, she turned onto side streets to slow herself down. Still, it kind of took the fun out of the whole thing, for her especially. We made it back home and retired the bike (oh, and Meredith had to raise the seat at some point) until it can have a thorough going over. I think I'll have Ron take it to a bike shop today. In the meantime he said Meredith can ride his bike. It's too small for him anyway, and it's in great shape. I should have thought of that in the first place. I'm just grateful no one was injured, and I won't be doing that again (offering a defective bike to ride). Apologies, Mere.

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