Saturday, April 16, 2016

Waiting for permits

Oh, my, there are so many pictures I want to post right now but I can't post them because I haven't taken any because we are still waiting on our building permits.  So, rather then posting no pictures at all, I decided to show you where I lived just a few months ago, before moving to Bloomington. 

Yep, this is where I lived.  This was my view.  I walked this path every day, and enjoyed views up and down the Columbia River from the condo we leased near downtown Vancouver, Washington. 

 A lot of people walked the path.

A lot of people

There was always a lot to see on the river.  I love the tugboats!

And the birds. 

And the view over the town homes from my living room window. 

And across the river towards downtown Portland.  You can see city buildings lit up by the rising sun.  Oh, and the marina full of boats just off Hayden Island.  

So, that was where we lived before moving to beautiful Bloomington to build our southern cottage.  And I promise not to keep showing you pictures of the past, so long as we get our permits soon.  Still waiting . . . . 

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