Friday, May 13, 2016

Eliza Snapshots

Hi Friends.  I took this photo two days ago, when Eliza, just six months old, was tired.  Can you tell?  Oh, that look . . . . .  

This is a little better but I never did get a smile out of her.  Still, I think she's beautiful even when she's not having it.  

This was taken when Eliza was eleven weeks old.  Love the eyes.  They speak to me.  I melt and do whatever she wants.  I'm a grandma, I can do that.  

Look at this.  Such a dolly.  

Last month she learned to sit up on her own.  She's quite happy with that, and of course she's wide awake this time.  

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and oh, by the way, here's a little photography tip for all of you photobugs.  When taking a portrait of someone, especially a little child, always, no matter what's going on in the scene, always focus on the eyes.  If you have more then one child in a shot, focus on the eyes of the child closest to you. 

Have a terrific day.  Love you all.  Send photos of your babies.  I'd love to see them.

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