Tuesday, May 17, 2016

FARM; A Favorite Eatery in Downtown Bloomington

Hi Friends.  I am sorry to do this to you, but I must show these photos of lunch, and talk about this amazing restaurant in the heart of this small university town.  I love the food here!  And the quaint atmosphere is a plus too.

I ordered the BLT.  It was amazing!  Full on flavor and the bacon melted in my mouth.

Pics of the place.

Mango sweet tea.

And then there was this;  Pave' (french for this type of flourless cake) with raspberry sauce and whipped cream, topped with candied pumpkin seeds and mini chocolate chips.  Yes, I had to try this.  It was as amazingly delicious as it looks.  

Really, really seriously yummy.  So if you get to Bloomington one day, and you're looking for a good place to eat some fantastic food, try Farm.  It's on Kirkland, right across from the courthouse.  

Have a super day.  Eat well.  Live life.  Enjoy.  Love always, to all of ya!  

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