Monday, May 23, 2016

Is The Doctor In?

Hi Friends.  Eliza has her own scrubs, and since her mama (who is a doctor) dressed her up in them, and gave her this stethoscope, she's been looking more and more like a doctor of late.  Thought you'd enjoy these photos.  This little girl is priceless.  

Hello Doctor.  What's wrong with me?

Ummm . . . . it could be anything really.

Let's check you out.

Is that my stethoscope?  What's it doing on the floor?

Hold on while I get it.

I'm going to use this end to listen to your heart.

Oh, huh oh, I've never heard such noise before.  Makes me so nervous.  What IS wrong with you?

I know!  It's not you, it's this stethoscope.

I'll just do some adjustments.  Everything will be fine.  Don't worry.  The doctor is in, and on the job!

Have a great day everyone.  Hope you're all doing well.  Take care, and don't forget to see your doctor at least once a year.  Hopefully, yours will be as wonderful as Doctor Eliza.  

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