Thursday, May 5, 2016

Southern Cottage Girl Day Out

Hi Friends.  It's been a busy few weeks, and things are about to ratchet up to a feverish pace, the rest of the month.  So, in order to keep my sanity, I needed to go out and find a thrift store or two, and eat some good food.    

I started with the food, naturally.  A girl's gotta eat in order to maintain that shoppers edge.  It just so happens Noodles and Company is right around the corner from Goodwill, so this worked out great.  The only difficulty was choosing what I should eat. It all looked so good.

 I ordered the Indonesian Peanut Saute', with a side of Thai Curry Soup.  Yummmmmy.

 Just a squeeze of lime please.  Thank you.  Oh, and I can have a lot of ice water too.  Yep, it's a bit spicy.  So good!  

 I love how they decorated the soup.  

 Next time I visit I get a free appetizer, and I'm going after those korean BBQ Meatballs. 

Now, about the shopping.  I headed right over to Goodwill and started with the men's racks.  I found some great clothes for my husband, and a few tops for me, but the real find was this beauty.  

 I'm telling ya, I love this purse!  A girl can never have enough purses, and when a girl finds them at a thrift store for three or four dollars, well, she can afford to add to her collection now and then.  I also love baskets, by the way.  Anything with handles, actually. Except bikes.  I like bikes but I don't linger over them like I do a purse or a basket.  Just saying.

Now, after checking out with my goodies, I was on my way to the mall, and I'll tell you what, all that lingering and shopping made me hungry.  

 And then this caught my attention, and I knew my hunger problems were solved.  

So I looked over the menu and ordered the frosted coffee and some chicken fingers.

I thought I would try some sauces, because I'm all about the sauce.  

My favorite was the Honey Roasted BBQ, adn then the Chick-Fil-A sauce.  The Buffalo was little too spicy for me, coming right off the spicy Indonesian peanut Saute' and all.  The frosted coffee helped a lot.

My day out would not be complete without a visiting the children's shops, and look what I found at Gymboree.   

  The store had everything on sale, $14.99 and under.  Some of my finds were quite a bit under, so I was a very satisfied customer as I headed for home. 

Tomorrow I'll be staying in, and then on Saturday we leave for Cleveland.  Stick around and find out why.  

Love ya all!  Have a great day. 

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