Saturday, June 4, 2016

Amish Country Drive and Auction

Hi Friends.  Did I mention there are a number of Amish communities in Indiana? One of them is just south of Bloomington, and Ron and I headed down there for an Amish auction.  The goal was simple, to get strawberries, but the bidders out bid us on everything.  Still we had a lovely drive, and where ever I could, I took photos.  

This man has a dish of ice cream.  Did I mention there is a snack bar at this auction? Ron had dinner while we waited for the bidding on our strawberries.

We bid on these pie cherries.  Don't they look yummy?  We thought so too, and so did the folks who left with the winning bid. 

There were lots of chickens and rabbits being auctioned off.  

These ladies were keeping their eyes on the rhubarb.  Ron tried to get some for me, but again, we were out bid.  I know where I can find some though, at Pelton's Country Store. I'm heading over that way this morning.  

I love how the little girls are holding onto Mom's dress.  

When I asked the mother of the little girl who bought these rabbits if I could snap a picture, she said "yes", and would I like to buy one?  She had no idea her daughter bid on the entire bunny family.  They are so cute.

The winding road through meticulously clean farm land is so pretty.

You see this a lot as you drive by individual farm homes.  The Amish are always ready for visiting, when the chores are done for the day.  

I think this buggy was being auctioned off in one of the barns.  

Time to head home.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a great day, Friends.  

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