Sunday, June 19, 2016

B-Town Arts On The Square; A Must See For This Southern Cottage Girl!

Hi Friends.  Did you know that Bloomington, Indiana is an arts community that just happens to have a town and a university attached to it?  

Yesterday, there was yet another celebration of the arts.  And in the town square, no less.    

The streets were closed off all around the square, which by the way, envelopes the courthouse.  

I love that new little artists are enjoying the creative process of making art, at this festival.  

And some older folks too.  After all, art is for everyone.

I just love being in the square.  

And . . . . btw, Bloomington is called Bloomington for a reason.  

 Look, my phone camera took some pictures all by itself, of me walking, and it's always doing that (taking its own photos).  It's sort of like as a joke to me, for some reason. Do you have that problem?  It's weird, but then again, it's not a bad picture.    

Now this is me, leaving the market, and I took this picture on purpose but somehow it doesn't seem as good as the picture my camera took for me.  I should just let me camera take all its own pictures.  

Me, again, on purpose.  What in the world is my hair doing?  Oh, sigh.  lol. 

Flowers again, lining the windows all over town.  So pretty.  

Have a wonderful day, You'all, and if you have an arts festival in your town, I hope you can go.  It's fun, it's free just to go and walk around, and it supports the arts in your community.  

Love ya!  

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