Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bloomington Farmer's Market in Pictures and Video

Hi Friends!  Look at that croissant!  I did, and then I ate it, ham and cheese and all.  The local bakeries alone will get me up out of bed early to go to the market.  I was also after strawberries.  

And locally roasted coffee.  

And, breakfast pastries.  

And then there were a few surprises like cherries.  

And I found my strawberries but these were a bit early and small, so I'm waiting a week.  Plus, I'll get to go back and have more pastries and coffee.  Who wouldn't want to do that on a Saturday morning?

Look what I found.  Another surprise.  Bread baking classes coming soon.  I think I'll sign up.  

It may be one hundred plus degrees on the entire west coast, but here in Bloomington it was a comfortable seventy degrees and raining, slightly.  Didn't stop any market goers from coming out to visit their favorite stands, and listen to the music.  

Which . . . . by the way, I recorded some for you.  Just click on the video to watch.  Pay no attention to the silly woman under the umbrella, going on and on about the coffee. 

I hope you enjoyed the post.  If you can, make it your plan some Saturday to go to your local farmer's market.  You'll love it. Take a picture and send it to me.  I'd love to see what your market is like.  Have a great day.

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