Saturday, June 4, 2016

Drawing Class With Meri

Hi Friends.  As you may know, I like to pretend I can paint (see "paper and brushes" in the pages bar above).  The thing is, I've never had a single lesson in painting, or drawing for that matter, so I went to Meri's house this week for my first ever class on how to draw.  Meri is using the book,  "How to Draw on the Right Side of Your Brain", and we read the first three chapters before class day.  Interesting book all about how the left half of my brain is totally bossy and the right half is ignored, so in creative pursuits like art, one must bore the left half so much so that it decides to go off and do something all on its own while the right side sets up shop and takes over.  Something like that anyway.  I relate to this because I am a right side of the brain kind of person and I'm always being bossed around by the left side of my brain.  But, I'm not bitter.  I'm just saying.  I get it.  So I think I really need this class. 

 We drew self portraits before any instruction so that we can draw another self portrait later on and compare.  Mine's pretty, well, um, interesting.  Meredith said it definitely looks like a face, but not mine, after which three year old Nehemiah saw the portrait and pointing at it, said,  "Grandma".  Here's the drawing so you can decide for yourself.  

I thought I better show you the drawing from far off at first, so I don't scare you.  I look a little scary, don't you think?  Or, I look a little like the British t.v. character for the show,  "Murder She Wrote".  All in all, I think I drew what I thought I should look like instead of what I actually do look like.  It's that left brain getting in my face and trying to boss me again.  Sheeesh.  Trying to make it stop.  I need help.

Here's a close-up.  I thought I should add freckles because I have a gazillion of them.  The eyebrow really does stick up like that.  My eyes look a little wildly weird, but then it's probably because my hair looked so bad.  I was too focused on that, I think.  Anyway, that's my selfie, drawn out with graphite by looking at a mirror in the bathroom.  I can't wait to re-draw this at the end of class.  

One of our exercises.  Don't ask.  It's a right brain kind of thing, and I actually do think my left brain took a vacation over this, instead of trying to help.  And, this may be why we need our left brains to stay connected a bit.  

And, now, for a picture of Meri's cat. 

Ahhhh . . . here kitty, kitty.  Look at that face.  Definitely left brain signals going on here.  "Stop staring at me and let me in or I'll claw your face to pieces."  

Gotta love cats.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post.  So many people have asked how my drawing class went.  And here's the answer.  

Have a great day.  Love ya all.  Thanks for stopping by now and again.  See ya soon.

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