Monday, June 6, 2016

What's The Story With Story, Indiana?

Hi Friends.  I noticed a certain painting when I was on the open art studio tour in Bloomington this weekend, and I wondered where the artist had been.  "Story" is what she told me, off hwy 135 about ten miles outside of Nashville . . . . Indiana that is.  Sooooo . . . . finding the painting of this place quite charming, I decided to take Ron for a drive and go do some exploring to find out for myself just what the story of Story, Indiana was about.  

While doing a google search to look up the history of the town, I found this article in The Chicago Tribune (you have to go and read the article, it's hilarious).

 "This is a story about an abandoned southern Indiana town reborn, where the horses outnumber the people, a ghost haunts the village inn and the sound of distant gunfire doesn't worry anyone. 
It's a story about Story, Ind."
Well, whatever they say about it, I can tell you it was love at first sight in my eyes, the minute we drove into town.  It's quaint, if not a bit quirky, and really really cute, with a seriously high rated restaurant.  What more could you want? 

A Checkers game on the front porch of the country store turned Inn, played with bottle caps, perhaps?  You got it.

A separate guest house.  Yep.  We met the couple staying here and they were loving it.

The Welcome mat has the founding date on it.  

Fine dining is the story here.  Some believe it to be one of the best restaurants in the state.

Stained glass windows at the entrance is a nice touch.

Quiet walks and beautiful scenery abound.

Okay, this isn't maybe what you'd call beautiful but it certainly is cool.  I love old outhouses that have seen their day but still make a statement on the grounds.  So fun.

All in all the town of Story, Indiana is as cute as a button, and maybe about the size of one, and you'll definitely find me going back for a stay.  I may even have to take a day trip there, with my paper and brushes, to do some painting of my own.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  If you're ever in Indiana, definitely make this one of your stops.  There's a wine festival here every year, and lots of other events to check out.  Have a great day, Everyone.  Love ya!


RML said...

What's Dad reading? In the "Open" picture?

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