Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Southern Cottage Girl Loving The Southern Cottage Life

Hi Dear Friends!  Yesterday I was not at a church, I was visiting a farm and garden, doing some plein air painting  (for pics of the paintings, go to "paper and brushes" in the address bar above). 

The garden home is made up of antique finds, like the stain glass windows in the bathroom and kitchen, and this old french cook island which is so cool, don't you think?

Always, always, always, love those claw foot tubs.

And then there's the ever popular composting toilet (if you have to ask then you really don't want to know).  I think I'll pass on having one in southern cottage home, but hey, when in Rome . . . . 

Ahhhh . . . . the garden.  

Love the garden.

And the chicken coop, and the chickens.

And the barn.

And . . . . ta da!  The cows!  Although I didn't really see any cows on the farm, I saw these guys when I was driving through the countryside.  

And I'm working on some paintings of everything and everyone one I saw. 

And, once again, thank you all for your patience.  Thanks for coming to see the blog. I apologize for the sabbatical the last two weeks.  It's been crazy busy.  But I think of you dear friends, all the time.  Love you.  Enjoy the day!  


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